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Upon graduating from Duke University in 1993, I headed to Latin America for a year-long journey. With a backpack and camera, I explored Latin America from Patagonia's gauchos to Quito's human rights workers to Guatemala's markets. Ever since, my passion for documentary photography and Latin American development have steadily intensified and melded.

In 1994, I established my career in the field of Latin American medical relief and development. I founded Americas Life-Line (ALL) to aid healthcare workers in the Peruvian Amazon and then for three years served as Executive Director of VIDA, a medical relief organization supporting people in need in Latin America. Throughout, I documented the work of VIDA and the communities we served, such as burn victims, lepers and orphans.

Currently, I am a second year MBA student at the Haas School of Business, where I am formalizing my business training and exploring social venture opportunities in the field of documentary photography. My photographic studies at Berkeley's School of Journalism have reunited me with the Latin American spirit, only this time not a thousand miles away, but right here in my own back yard.

January 2001


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