young, Cuban basketball players

“Playing Ball,” Havana, Cuba 1998
Kids in Havana play a unique form of basketball. Their ball is really a volleyball and their hoop is not a metal cylinder, but rather a designated spot on a dilapidated city wall.

Afro-Cuban woman wearing headdress.

“Portrait,” Havana, Cuba 1998
An Afro-Cuban Santera, a follower of the Santería religion, wears the typical headdress. She asked me to visit her home and buy some of her antiques.

large mirror reflection of street

“View From Corporate Driveway,” Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco 2000
View of Cesar Chavez Street as seen through a driveway exit mirror of a large corporation.

Two people on street near a billboard.

“Fugitive,” Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco 2000
Migrant workers in the Mission District have fled their native countries and live in the United States illegally, but their daily lives are not nearly as dramatic as television portrays. Police and immigration officials know of their existence and generally turn a blind eye to it. Still, the migrant workers are wary of strangers and mindful of potential problems.

sitting figure with plaid shirt and head scarf

“Alex,” Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco 2000
Alex, from El Salvador, has training in nursing, massage, painting and construction. Until the rain comes, Alex chooses to live on a bench on Valencia Street and keep a locker for his few belongings. In the winter, he’ll move to a shelter.

person leaning against a light pole on a busy city street

“Watching Traffic,” Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco 2000
On a typical day, a Latino migrant worker may spend hours watching the oncoming traffic for work.

man walking along a wrought-iron fence

“Dreams,” Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco 2000
A Peruvian heroin addict, 40, tries to stay clean and find work on Cesar Chavez Street.

men standing sitting on the street waiting for to be hired

“The Wait,” Cesar Chavez Str., San Francisco 2000
Ramiro and others wait.