a row of trees next to a building with mural of trees

Taipei, Taiwan 1998
A wall of trees on Nanking East Road.

street scene, woman leaning against a motorscooter

Taipei, Taiwan 1999
In the old Hsimenting district, a parade celebrating local Taoist deities passes in the distance.

alley with tarps draped over boxes

Taipei, Taiwan 1998
An alley behind a temple on Minsheng East Road.

view of buildings in a city

Taichung, Taiwan 1999 A hazy sunset in this rapidly developing central city

View of yard with old television and dog

Hsin Peitou, Taipei County, Taiwan, 1998
A scene in Hsin Peitou, a generally wealthy suburb of Taipei.

aerial view of a building and parking and traffic

Taipei, Taiwan, 1998 Looking down on the Taipei Railway Station.

two dogs, one with three legs

Taipei, Taiwan, 1999
I encounter a three-legged dog.