"When Dorothea Lange and Paul Taylor began documenting the Dust Bowl migrations for the Farm Security Administration, U.S. Highway 99 was the major north-south artery on the West Coast…Then commonly referred to as “California’s Main Street,” it was an important passageway throughout much of the 1930s…."

Man wearing a cowboy hat

"I started photographing along [the remnants of] Route 99, initially hoping to find images that speak of its almost iconic past…"

Livestock auction

"Taking exits along the road, I photographed livestock auctions, church services, drive-in movie theaters, and honky-tonks featuring the Bakersfield Sound…"

Old building in a field

"I found remnants of an older California, one seemingly far removed from the metropolitan hubs on the coast…"

Night time with light reflected on a person

"But I also found a surprising amount of diversity in these mostly agricultural communities…"

Sikh praying

"Today’s global 'Dust Bowl migrants' are Sikhs from Northwest India, Hmong from Southeast Asia…"

Lighted crucifix with other lights at night

"…and migrant workers from Mexico and Central America, who are often seen as distinct from the older Latino communities already established along the road."

auto wrecking yard

"Sixty years after Lange documented life along “California’s Main Street”, I hope to offer a contemporary take on Route 99 — and on the communities that live along the road."